Computer Science Camp for Middle School

Noah Rossi


Newark Charter High School


Noah applied to Dual School hoping to scale his summer camp computer science camp for middle school students. Throughout the process, he was able to connect with experts in the field of computer science education as well as potential partner schools in the local area. He refined his business model, formalized the program delivery and applied to the Diamond Challenge with his concept.

While Noah’s concept progressed steadily, he experienced a lot of personal growth throughout the experience of Dual School. While his parents were skeptical of the program at first, he said, “by the end, they recognized that it had a big impact on my personality. The growth in me was obvious. I didn’t even need to tell them.”

His parents saw his mindset shift. At the end of Dual School Noah reflected about his path forward saying, “What good is it to sit in an office crunching numbers if you don’t care about? Entrepreneurship gives you an opportunity to solve problems you care about. I gained a lot of perspective through Dual School. It all came from talking to people and hearing their stories about pursuing their passions and being successful at it.”