Financial Literacy Program for Youth

Siawaa Antwi


Freire Charter School


Siawaa came into Dual School hoping to develop a financial literacy program for youth in low-income communities. She had seen firsthand how difficult it can be to thrive in a world dominated by complicated financial systems like credit, loans and insurance. While there are many financial literacy programs for young people, she wanted hers to be different. She wanted to it be relevant and engaging for her audience.

Who could teach such a course? This question dominated her project for a long time until one day she stood up and gave it a try. She facilitated a conversation with the students in Dual School about their habits with money. Despite being nervous about leading the conversation, everyone loved it. Siawaa faced a fear and overcame it.

“It’s definitely shown me that I should be confident. Hearing feedback from people that I have this presence and that I can teach showed me different things about myself that I never really knew. I see myself as being a teacher because I have this gift.”

More generally, the Dual School experience taught Siawaa to have a stronger bias to action. “I’m much more “get up and do it” now. Send the email. Get up and ask.” Her project stalled in the research phase for many weeks, and it wasn’t until she took a leap that it started progressing again. Now, she’s moved forward by testing her program at her school and is hoping to launch a four-week pilot this spring.