Helping Immigrants in Delaware

Andres Samson




“Dual School encouraged me to start thinking about issues going on in the world and gave me the opportunity to start working on one.” Andres knew he wanted to help immigrants in Delaware, but wasn’t sure how to get started.

Dual School places a heavy emphasis on understanding the ecosystem and connecting with experts. Andres benefitted from a few key experiences enabled by Dual School. He said, “it was so great being able to go out in the real world and meet the refugee family and to go out to the ESL club with the kids. To learn more about immigrant and refugee situations and gave me more awareness about what’s going on in the world”

After connecting with Jewish Family Services, Andres was presented with a project where he could design a holiday experience for a refugee family. It was a cultural exchange where local families hosted a refugee family for a meal, or an excursion and they would share cultures. Andres recruited several local families to donate time, and gifts to make a family who recently moved from Afghanistan feel at home.

“As small as it may have been, to have a real impact on someone else was amazing and I really enjoyed that part. It’s not something that happens every day. To be able to have such an impact really changed how I look at things. It showed me that I can help others and I can make a difference.”