How Schools Handle Mental Health

Ade Robertson

William Penn High School Class of 2018

University of Delaware Class of 2022

Ade applied to Dual School in the fall of 2017 hoping to improve how the school system handles mental health. Her project led her to a meeting with the superintendent of her school district, several conversations with school psychologists and a trip to the Delaware state capital to meet with elected officials in Legislative Hall.

Her biggest breakthrough came from realizing that she can send an email to a stranger asking for insight about her project. Even if it’s uncomfortable, the most learning comes when you “step out of your comfort zone to do the things you’re scared to do.”

She recognized that the program is difficult, but that working on a personally important project helps you push through challenges. “At Dual School there’s a lot more responsibility put on you. I’ve never been able to do a project of my own choosing. Working on things we’re interested in helps us want to get the work done.”

Since joining Dual School, Adé worked for the Teen Warehouse as a mentor, worked on a political campaign and is currently a fellow for Network Delaware where she leads workshops teaching community members about advocacy.