Peer Priorities: A Mental Health Support System

Hannah Howard


Conrad Schools of Science


Hannah’s passion for helping students with mental health stems from her personal struggles. She recognized that schools have are often not well equipped to assist students with their mental wellbeing and she decided to do something about it. She applied to Dual School not knowing exactly where her project would go, but after a few sessions she had a clear direction.

“Working with other students in Dual School was helpful in terms of getting feedback from them. Hearing other perspectives and experiences changed what I wanted to do with my project.”

After settling on the idea of launching an after school club, Hannah used her time at Dual School to test out different activities that she might facilitate during club meetings. She also spent time learning to tell her story so that her school would appreciate the need for such a program.

Hannah’s favorite moment was when she gave a very personal talk at the Spring Exhibition. She looked out into the crowd and saw multiple people crying. “Seeing that what I was saying could evoke emotion made me realize that I can make a difference.” 

Peer Priorities is launching as an after school program at Conrad Schools of Science in the fall of 2018.

Hannah participated in the Dual School Facilitation Academy and served as a paid mentor for The Warehouse Summer Fellowship.