Learning starts with a spark

Adults can handle the promise of “I know this is boring, but trust me it will be helpful in the future.”

Young people don’t respond to that promise because it’s been made to them for a decade and it still hasn’t come true.

True learning has to start with a spark. It has to start by asking “what do you care about?” and building an experience around that. If you can’t start there, you’re already lost.

But, if you step down that road and leave your preconceptions behind, you’ll end up in an amazing place.

Three Ingredients in the Secret Sauce

At Dual School, our goal is to help students launch their ideas. In doing so we’ve created a special culture where students feel relaxed and welcome, but also recognize they’re more productive than ever.

There are three key components that make the program so powerful:

  1. Projects of personal importance. Students work on things they truly care about. They apply with ideas and we help them make those ideas happen. This fundamentally changes any learning experience because the students are enrolled in the process.
  2. Connections to professionals. Students are paired with mentors who help facilitate connections to professionals in their field of interest. These relationships lead to a deeper understanding of the problem space and allow students to make quick progress.
  3. Rapid prototyping. Students are pushed to test their assumptions by prototyping ideas. We help them find ways to run small experiments that lead to insights into their projects.

The duality of facilitation

Facilitators, like many creatives, exhibit a profound duality.

They meticulously design experiences to the minute, yet, they’re ready to throw the plan out the window based on their live read of the participants. You need both traits to be a successful facilitator.