Job prospects

The job market for the average person doesn’t look great. We had a wonderful run where anyone with an education could get a job easily, get paid well and retire comfortably. That time was an exception, not the rule.

Unfortunately, that’s what people expect now and because of that, the current situation seems like a nightmare. The world is changing quickly. Technology is eating jobs and shifting the landscape of work.

The “job market” isn’t going to get better. It’s going to get more competitive, more unstable and more skewed toward entrepreneurial thinkers. As young people growing up in this world, you have two possibilities:

Hope the “job market” gets better. This seems unlikely given current trends.

OR don’t be average. Take ownership. Stand out. Not by getting straight A’s and jumping through every hoop, but by owning a niche. Being yourself and fighting for change. Adding value without expectation of anything in return.

While the job market for the average person is going downhill fast, the job market for a remarkable person has never been better. 17 year olds making societal change. 21 year olds starting multimillion dollar companies. 25 year olds getting hired on big consulting projects because of their portfolio of work. None of those people have anything to worry about when it comes to the job market for the average person.

So go to edge. Don’t be average. It’s the future.