The Brandywine Zoo Collaboration with Design Thinking Academy

In our work with Design Thinking Academy, based in Newark, Delaware, we facilitated a partnership with the Brandywine Zoo. Fifteen Students from the school visited the zoo, interviewed families, and imagined ideas to improve the visitor experience. They prototyped their ideas, getting feedback from peers and other stakeholders. We believe students doing real work and affecting change in their communities is the future of education.


The Warehouse Summer Fellowship

During the summer of 2018, Dual School facilitated 20 teens from Wilmington in working on projects to improve the city for their peers. We helped teens host open mic nights, arrange job shadows and bring guest speakers all with the goal of building professional skills in our youth. To learn more about the Warehouse, check out the video we made about the Summer Fellowship.


Dual School as a Class at William Penn

Students at William Penn presenting their social impact projects to elementary school students in Colonial school district

During the fall of 2018 we launched Dual School as a class at William Penn High School. Nine students engage with the Dual School curriculum every other day for 90 minutes. The experience is led by a teacher at the school as students work to solve personally important problems like support for english language learners and access to mental health resources. The students benefit from Dual School’s network of connections and they present at the final exhibition. 


Teacher Professional Development with Blue Dot Education

In August of 2018, we brought in national leaders in project based learning to train educators in Delaware. 10 teachers spent the week developing projects for their classrooms, piloting their ideas and collaborating with other innovative educators. Following the workshop, we’ve seen several attendees change their practice to be more student-centered and connected to the real world.