Professional Development with Blue Dot Education

Are you passionate about providing real-world learning opportunities without sacrificing academic rigor? Project based learning provides an amazing opportunity to engage students, but can it can be tricky to plan, execute and launch a project without a community of support. In order to create opportunities for students, we have to learn from one another and from national best-practices.


This summer, Dual School is bringing Blue Dot Education, founded by a group of teachers at High Tech High* in San Diego, to Delaware. These nationally-regarded experts in project based learning will be hosting two workshops during the month of August. Both workshops will be hands-on and have a facilitator to participant ratio of at least 1:10. Here are the details:


Project Design Workshop (August 6, 7)

Working alongside some of the most innovative teachers in the country and state, you will develop a pilot for a project to implement in your class. In this workshop you will:

  • Experience an example of great project based learning
  • Gain a foundational understanding of how to develop PBL experiences
  • Develop a project to fit your needs that you can launch in the next school year
  • Connect with other innovative educators in the area
  • Troubleshoot your challenges with some of the leading experts in PBL


Disruption and Innovation Workshop (August 9, 10)

This workshop will be about leadership, innovation and ways to transform your school from the inside using project-based learning work. In this workshop you will:

  • Design small hacks to make your school environment more innovative
  • Learn how to capture media that will boost your impact
  • Connect with innovative educators across Delaware
  • Plan and develop prototypes for how to initiate transformation at your school
  • Work closely with industry thought leaders to build for sustainable change


Workshop material is not grade-level specific and will be relevant to all educators grades K-12. Both workshops will be from 8:00am-4:00pm at 1313 Innovation in Wilmington, DE. Each workshop will cost $600. Tuition covers the cost of all materials, lunch, and a light breakfast each day. Need-based financial assistance is available. Please email [email protected] for related inquiries.

*High Tech High stars in the award-winning documentary Most Likely to Succeed and is considered a national leader in the field of project based learning.

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