How we Engage Business

Dual School wants to utilize its design thinking expertise to help local companies solve pressing challenges. Here’s how you can engage with our innovative students to help your organization:

Design Thinking Workshops

You can book a 90 minute design thinking workshop for up to 25 members of your organization facilitated by Dual School.

  • Workshops are led by Zack Jones, who learned design thinking at a bootcamp at Stanford’s, an international thought leader in design methodology.
  • Workshops will be co-facilitated by two students who have been trained in design thinking.
  • We specialize in delivering workshops related to creative confidence, prototyping, social impact and the design process.

To book a workshop, please contact us.

Design Sprint with Student Teams

Imagine some of the most creative young people all focused on solving a challenge of your choosing for a full day. By hosting a student design sprint, we will engage up to 15 students in a design process to deliver viable solutions for your team.

  • A day-long design sprint, facilitated by Dual School and focused on a challenge your organization is facing.
  • Participants will learn about your organization to get a deeper understanding of the problem at hand.
  • Participants will engage in an idea generation process to unearth creative ways to address the problem.
  • Participants will develop rough prototypes to run preliminary tests on the feasibility of their solutions.

To plan a design sprint for your organization, please reach out.

Sponsorship of a Dual School Cohort

Dual School empowers high school students to tackle difficult problems facing our society. Thanks to our supportive community we are able to deliver a 10 week program that fundamentally changes how students see their world. Your sponsorship of a Dual School cohort comes with many benefits, including, but not limited to:

  • Recognition as the presenting sponsor of the Dual School cohort of ten students 
  • One day-long design sprint with student groups developing innovative solutions for your team
  • One 90 minute design thinking workshop for up to 25 members of your organization, co-facilitated by students
  • Two mentoring slots for the Dual School cohort

To talk more about sponsoring a Dual School cohort, please contact us.