Are you committed to preparing your students for the 21st Century? At Dual School, we know the world is changing quickly and education needs to change with it. We’ve built out several offerings to help educators like you develop professionally and better serve students who will graduate into a world different from anything we’ve seen before.

Whether you are a teacher, guidance counselor or administrator, there are lots of ways to engage with us over the next several months. We’re committed to improving the education ecosystem for all local schools. Some programs we run are free and others cost money. Here’s what we offer:

Get your students involved with Dual School

Dual School empowers high school students to launch passion projects that transform their schools, communities and lives. If you know a student who would benefit from this opportunity, nominate them to apply for our fall 2018 cohort.

Students participating in Dual School commit to:

  • A two-day kickoff weekend to build community and create mindset
  • Weekly meetings from 1:30-4:30 at 1313 Innovation for ten weeks
  • Maintenance of a process blog to capture weekly reflections and progress updates from their work
  • A public showcase of their work to conclude the program

Students are assigned mentors who help them make professional connections and hold students accountable for their work. The design of Dual School is such that students work alongside students from public, private and charter high schools, creating a safe environment for all participants to share vulnerable ideas.


Bring a cohort to your school

The nature of Dual School only allows for a few students from each school to participate in our cohorts at 1313 Innovation. If  you would like to launch a school-specific Dual School cohort, we offer a turn-key solution for school adoption. We train a teacher at your school to facilitate our framework and students participate in a class-like implementation of Dual School. You get:

  • A framework to empower students to launch projects that transform their schools, communities and lives
  • Course materials to facilitate student progress and growth
  • Professional development for an educator to lead the program
  • A 3:1 mentor to student ratio
  • Participation in our kickoff weekend, excursion weekend and showcase

Please email [email protected] if you’re interested in launching a cohort at your school during the fall of 2018.


Join our Leading Innovation PLC

Every other week, Dual School hosts a facilitated conversation about innovating in the school environment. We have a cross disciplinary group of teachers from both public and private schools who come together to discuss best practices in leading innovation at their schools. If you are interested, or know a teacher who would be a strong candidate, please nominate them by emailing [email protected] with their name and email address.

Please know that we intentionally keep this group small, and may not accept everyone nominated.